Still the King season 1 2016

Still the King season 1 2016 CMT poster
Complete season | 13 episodes

It is hard to lose a popularity, especially for the man who basked in glory. Some time ago Vernon Brownmule was a famous star of country music. Almost 20 years he spent at the backyards of music business as a washed-up and unpopular one-hit-singer. He started to find a new sense of life in a drinking and rowdiness spending life in the fast lane. Time moves on and the main character of Still the king series decides to get back on the stage and restore his career.

Odd Mom Out season 2 2016

Odd Mom Out season 2 2016 Bravo poster
9 episodes of 10

Season 2 of a sitcom series Odd Mom Out revolves around fashion writer, desperately trying to take her place in privileged highly competitive environment. Over the past century, the society has changed past recognition. The sterner sex became more immature and sometimes their role at working and personal relationships is no more leading. Inspired with ideas of feminism, women, by contrast, achieved a great success when they got complete equality of rights. Having realized their true destination in the world, they dream of fame and involvement into business and politics. Perhaps it is not right from the nature point of view, but the progress and development of civilization can’t be stopped.

Love Child season 3 2016

Love Child season 3 2016 Nine Network poster
8 episodes of 10 

The action of an Australian television drama series Love Child season 3 is set in the late sixties, when people stand on the verge of the new discoveries and radical changes. Mick Jagger’s tour, landing of the American astronauts on the Moon, mass protests against warfare in Vietnam… People are involved in public life.

Mistresses season 4 2016

Mistresses season 4 2016 ABC poster
10 episodes of 14 

Season 4 of Mistresses television series will be unexpected for all fans. After Karen’s complicated relationship with a patient, she decided to rebuild her life and move forward. Even in spite of the fact, that she wants to see life, it is time to settle down and start a family. April, in its turn, is afraid to accept her feelings to a new neighbor, but can’t cope with her instinct. Meanwhile Savannah continues to build a successful career, hoping for the best resolution of her family crisis.

American Gothic season 1 2016

American Gothic season 1 2016 CBS poster
10 episodes of 13 

A mystery drama mini-series American Gothic season 1 follows one of the most powerful Boston’s families. A sudden death of the family patriarch, who was considered to be a successful and influential politician among his electorate, shocked the family members. Soon it was revealed that he hid some dark secrets and might have been a serial killer.

The Night Shift season 3 2016

The Night Shift season 3 2016 NBC poster
12 episodes of 15 

The Night Shift season 3 centers on interesting and complex work of military doctors in a hospital situated in San Antonio. These doctors are not like regular medics working in regular hospitals. They have special skills which they owe to the hardships of military service. These medical professionals are always hard at work and completely dedicated to what they do. The series follows the doctors who work at night.

Tyrant season 3 2016

Tyrant season 3 2016 FX poster
8 episodes of 10 

The actions of series Tyrant season 3 take place at a fictional Middle Eastern country of Abuddin. One of the sons of a country’s dictator, Bassam Al-Fayeed, leaves the country and now has a new life in the USA. He is a successful pediatrician, who has an American wife and two children. After twenty years, Barry forced to return to his motherland to attend the wedding of his nephew.

Rush Hour season 1 2016

Rush Hour season 1 2016
Complete season | 13 episodes

For experienced police detective Lee from Hong Kong a journey to Los Angeles for investigation an unusual crime, where the criminal elements of both countries are involved, became a serious task. And even a famous oriental equanimity hreatens to fall to pieces in front of chaos represented by Lee’s partner detective Carter from LAPD.

Motive season 4 2016

Motive season 4 2016 CTV poster
12 episodes of 13

Any committed crime has a certain hidden motive. There is always something a criminal has in mind. If you find out what that is, you will make an investigation process much easier. But doing this is never easy, and one must have a truly brilliant mind and skills for this. Motive season 4 follows a person who uses quite extraordinary methods of crime investigation. Don’t focus on who committed a crime — all you need to do is just understand why it was committed.

Mr. Robot season 2 2016

Mr. Robot season 2 2016 USA Network poster
8 episodes of 12 

The plot of the second season of Mr. Robot drama–thriller television series focuses on a young computer programmer named Elliot who suffers from social anxiety disorder that disturbs him to lead a fulfilling life. Due to his problems in communication Elliot forced to spend all his time near computer. And now he is a talented programmer, in other words he is a hacker. Cyberspace is the only way of interaction for him with the world outside.

Suits season 6 2016

Suits season 6 2016 USA Network poster
7 episodes of 16

Mike Ross aspired to be a lawyer but was expelled from college for his tricks. Mike’s gift is a photographic memory and natural intelligence. The other protagonist Harvey Specter is one of the city’s best lawyers. He works at the prestigious Manhattan law firm Pearson Hardman.

Major Crimes season 5 2016

Major Crimes season 5 2016 TNT poster
9 episode of 13

Major Crimes Division of Los Angeles Police Department takes a new head after departure of Deputy Chief, Brenda Leigh. Captain Sharon Raydor, a young and ambitious woman who recently was a head of a Police Department.

Sharon was disliked by the squad at first. Such treatment was caused by bad relations between the team and former management.

Halt and Catch Fire season 3 2016

Halt and Catch Fire season 3 2016 AMC poster
2 episodes

The action of season 3 of Halt and Catch Fire drama TV sereies is set in 80s. The audience will find themselves involved into the course of events at the famous Silicon Valley together with the main protagonists. As far as we know, a scientific progress is growing by leaps and bounds, and people increasingly use various computer technologies and innovations in the course of their life.

Vice Principals season 1 2016

Vice Principals season 1 2016 HBO poster
6 episodes of 9

A new TV series Vice principals season 1 tells the story of a run stuff of Lincoln High. Almost all vice principals of this school want to replace school principal. There are a lot of ways to intrigue your boss, like to abide time to shoot in the eye. But you also can take another way and launch a campaign for take-over. The more successful one is, the more enviers he or she has.

Zoo season 2 2016

Zoo season 2 2016 CBS poster
10 episodes of 13

Two lions have torn a few L.A. inhabitants into pieces. The animals are healthy and not rabid or frenzied. At the same time animals start attacking people worldwide, without any evident reason. Usually wary and cautious, animals try to kill people whatever it takes.